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About Transitions

About Transitions

The SanctuaryI chose the name Transitions for my ministry because it reflects the breadth and scope of the services I offer. From childbirth support to end of life care, the healing techniques I employ can be used to address the physical and emotional health of individuals at any stage in their lives.

Some of the conditions which have responded favorably to these gentle, yet powerful modalities include emotional imbalances, physical and emotional traumas, addictions, weight issues, chronic and acute pain, trust and self-esteem issues.  These same techniques have shown to be helpful in assisting with more serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as blood sugar and blood pressure imbalances.   Conventional medical practitioners are now realizing the importance of discovering the emotional root cause of illness. Another key element in healing is reducing stress levels. Until these factors are addressed, physicians are only treating the symptoms, rather than healing the whole person, thereby removing the imbalance completely.

Snug & ComfySince 1998, when I first began my journey into Holistic Healthcare, there have been many changes in both my personal life, as well as in my practice. I began to see that with the growth of my practice, I needed additional work space, and also needed more room at home to accommodate our growing family. In May of 2007, Transitions moved to an office space in the nearby town of Middlefield, Ohio. I felt blessed to have such a great location in which to work. During the 4 ½ years I was there, I met wonderful people and made lasting friendships.

Warm & CozyMeanwhile, as we all know, the one thing we can always count on in life is Change. During the four years I was working away from home, many changes were taking place in my personal life. The biggest and most life-altering change took place in June of 2009 when my husband retired. We had always dreamed of the day when we would be free to come and go as we pleased, to spend more time with our family, to travel, to make long overdue upgrades and improvements to our home and property, and most important of all, to spend time with each other! With my hospice work, I had seen so many people who had held off making that decision to retire, only to become ill and never have that opportunity. We wanted to take advantage of the time we have, by doing things we wanted to do.

The one problem with our ‘plan’ (If you want to make God laugh, make plans) was that I was still going back and forth to my office, traveling to see hospice clients, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, etc. It soon became apparent that this was not working. I struggled with how to resolve these issues to be able to do what I loved in terms of my work, and still have freedom to do things with my husband. It began to affect my health. I prayed for guidance. In July of 2011, I ‘heard’ my answer.

I knew with great certainty that I needed to discontinue any birthing work….too old for the middle of the night calls taking me to faraway hospitals, and also needed to step away from Hospice work. That was the difficult piece. I have always felt honored to be present for those last days, weeks, months of a person’s journey, providing whatever comfort and peace I could offer. But after 14 years, I realized the toll it was taking on my health. I had to step back from it and focus on helping people learn how to maintain their good health, and manage or reverse any health challenges they are currently dealing with.

In addition to these changes, I also knew that I no longer wanted or needed to work away from home. I didn’t want that 40 minute roundtrip to and from my office. At the same time, I knew there was no available space left at home as we had converted my former home office into a family room for when our kids/grandchildren visited. I also had become accustomed to having privacy with my clients and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that benefit. The obvious solution was to create a separate building to house my office. And that is how The Sanctuary came to life!

I can’t begin to describe how incredibly wonderful it is to be ‘back home’ and to have such an amazing bonus in this beautiful healing space in which to offer my services. There is such a peaceful, calming energy within it, coupled with the powerful energy of the majestic trees which surround it. Everyone who has visited takes with them that same sense of peacefulness and positive, healing energy. I am so truly blessed and grateful to be here, and hope you will come out to experience a relaxation/healing treatment in The Sanctuary.

As has always been my practice, I work by appointment. I still visit patients in various facilities, and see clients in their homes if they are physically unable to come to me. I also offer phone sessions to out of area clients as these techniques are designed to transcend distance in such a way that they can be employed successfully regardless of a client’s location. For additional details regarding distance healing, please contact me. Also, to make an appointment or to get directions to our new location, please visit the Contact page. Hope to see you soon!