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Prayer Requests

I frequently get requests for prayers for people who are suffering from physical as well as emotional illnesses. Prayer is extremely powerful, especially when there are many people praying for the same purpose..

Because of this, I would like to welcome anyone who is in need of prayer, either for themselves or someone they know, to send in their requests. It isn't necessary to give last names or details of the situation. God knows our needs. If you wish to add a name to this ongoing list, kindly send the information to me through the contact link found on the menu portion of the website.

I will continually update the list. Be assured that I will be praying daily for those on the list and invite any and all who visit this site to please send love, prayers and light to those in need of our support. Thank you so much for joining me in prayer for all who request our help. I would also like to thank all of you who have been so gracious and loving with your prayers for my own intentions as well. No matter when I have asked for prayers, whether for a client, a friend, or for a member of my own family, you have been there for them and for me. I have felt your love and the lifting of my burdens through your sincere prayers. From my heart, I thank you. Now let us continue to lift those who are in need.

Below is the current list.

God bless you all.

Love, Paula


Betty Scorzino

Protection of Children
  Drotleff Family
My Own Family Children in need of Adoption   Carl Poinsett
Chris Scorzino RIP Silent prayer requests   Kathy and Family

Bob Capuano RIP

Peter A.Scorzino RIP

Animals in need of care/adoption  


Phyllis S. Pike County Dog Pound    
Rich Lokar All Who are Grieving    
Jennifer J.* World Peace   .
Dennis Kleinweber RIP Animals in need of care/adoption    
Megan Marie Davidson Raylene    
Jennifer Nichols
The Abused/Neglected
David Gregory Evans Those Who Have No one to pray for them    
Fr. Tom Hospice Caregivers    
Salvatorre Lamont President Obama    
Shawn G. The Poor    
Frank Sanders Protection for Our Troops    
Joe W. The Hungry    
Nicki Sturn RIP All Safety Forces    
Paul Sturn Silent prayer requests    
Michele S      
Jack Ziegler, RIP      
Ristow Family      
Sally Maxwell      
Lois D.      
Ellis Family      
Family of Joe Smith      
Pete N.      
Vern B.      
Katie Russell      
Capasso Family      






* Denotes urgent prayer request