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  2007 Paula Baker

About this Image

This Image, called a Resonator, was created specifically for Paula Baker/Transitions by Reta Phillips. Reta, who resides in California, is a gifted intuitive, an artist, composer and sonic practitioner. Reta uses her unique gifts as an artist for the creation of both personal and business Resonators. Her musical talent is evident in her use of vocal and melodic harmonies to remind us of our own innate beauty and connection to others.

Paula had the pleasure of meeting Reta while studying the master level DNA healing techniques being taught by Margaret Ruby in Couer d'Alene, Idaho.

After witnessing the power and beauty of Reta's unique talents, Paula commissioned Reta to design a Resonator for Transitions. As an intuitive, Reta is able to see and feel specific energies as she listens to the individual speak about his/her personal and professional journey. Each image on the Resonator symbolizes those vibrations and energies unique to that individual.

Resonators are charged with information in a somewhat "dormant" stage until viewed by the person for whom it was created. As their energy is vested into the Resonator, it literally comes to life, evolving in meaning and understanding as the individual evolves in his/her personal growth and work processes.

Transitions Resonator is copy written. Permission has been granted for use of this image in all business endeavors for Transitions/Paula Baker. If you would like information concerning the creation of your own Resonator, please contact Ms. Phillips at Intuitreta@aol.com