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  2007 Paula Baker


"I met Paula several years ago while I was working at a local hospital as the Coordinator of Oncology Education and Enterostomal Therapy. Paula had approached the Oncology Department to offer her skills to our many cancer patients, as well as to the staff members of the unit. I included Paula's gentle therapy in many of my cancer educational seminars and patient/family support groups. Her sincere compassion for others and her ability to teach others about the gift of Reiki were welcomed with open arms by our oncology patients and their families. I, myself, have experienced many Reiki sessions with Paula. It is a blessed encounter to feel the healing power and the calm and tranquil peace that follows each treatment. Paula has prepared herself well for this journey, educationally, spiritually and emotionally. I wholeheartedly support Paula and her healing ministry."

Ronna Piccioni, RN, C.O.C.N.

"I have known Paula Baker for many years and we have also worked together. She is a pleasant woman who deals well with even difficult patients. She is a true patient advocate. She gives great care to any she works with, whether patients or colleagues."

J. Jeffery Cameron, M. D.
Obstetrics and Gynecology

"My son Tony developed severe pneumonia secondary to cancer of the right lung. Paula treated him with Reiki and Laying-on-of-Hands Prayer before his hospitalization. During his hospital stay she saw him before and after surgery. As a result of her techniques he was able to be discharged from the hospital just three days after having his entire lung removed. He is doing very well and has had no post-operative problems. We send love, light and energy to Paula and her healing ministry."

Marjorie Gleason
Shaker Heights, Ohio

"To me, a teacher is an individual who offers themselves and their experiences to guide the experiences of another. A teacher can only open the doors, but the student must take the courageous step to push on and explore the world on the other side of the door. Paula Baker motivates her students to do just that. I have recently taken a Reiki I class from Paula and am truly blessed to have learned such a great art from such a gifted human being. Paula not only teaches with compassion and gentleness but her enthusiasm and love for her work truly inspired me to begin my healing ministry through the Lord immediately. Time is a precious gift, and Paula has helped me to grasp that and the Lord's amazing healing power more closely."

Mark Kaplafka
John Carroll University
Graduate Student

"After meeting, speaking and praying with Paula, I came away with a sense of clarity that I had not felt in months.

Thank you, Paula for the much-needed insight and encouragement. You are a wonderful example of God's never-ending love for us!"

Denise McKeever

"After having enjoyed a healthy, vibrant lifestyle for 42 years, I suddenly found myself suffering from severe flu-like symptoms which left me incapacitated for weeks. I then began a seven year battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not only was it impossible to continue working on a full time basis, it became increasingly difficult to even work part time. Any outside activities other than work were out of the question. My condition grew increasingly worse until it was impossible to even hold down a part time job. I was at the point that I was on the brink of losing my home and everything I had worked so hard for. It was only through my faith, friends and prayer that I was able to avoid sinking into the depths of depression.

I was getting no relief from conventional medical practices and began to explore alternative methods. I would experience temporary relief from these techniques but was never cured. It was around this time that I saw an article in a Wellness Center newsletter which spoke of Paula Baker's work. I decided to trust my intuition and make an appointment.

My experience with Paula was nothing short of a miracle. Although immediately after the session I felt no real changes, by the following day I felt feverish and the CFS symptoms flared up to their worst, and was incapacitated for three days. And then, the symptoms were gone! That was over seven years ago and I still remain symptom free. I am feeling vibrant and alive for the first time in seven years! I now feel as if I have tapped into an inexhaustible supply of energy. I am able to physically exert myself again and enjoy a 3.5 mile walk every day. I have returned to work, and have a social life again. My one session with Paula was truly a life altering experience. I have my life back and I appreciate it now more than ever!"

Valerie Streble

"As a nurse, I have observed Paula utilizing the Reiki modality in the Intensive Care Unit with critically ill patients. I have been amazed at the response that was clinically evident through my observation of the patients' cardiac and vital signs' monitors. The patients' heart rates decreased from tachycardic (very rapid) to normal range, the blood pressures stabilized and the respiratory rates became even. The quality of the respirations also improved to an unlabored state. I then began to recognize that the patients' facial expressions and musculature were also relaxed... I am in awe of Paula's ability to confidentially, unselfishly and compassionately help so many people in a nonjudgemental way and in their greatest hour of need."

Bonnie J. Baird, RN

"I have known Paula Baker for several years. As the Coordinator for the Labor and Birth Doula Program at a local hospital, it was my responsibility to arrange the birth assignments with the various Doulas who participated in the program. Paula offered many unique skills such as Reiki, Aromatherapy and Prayer to assist the moms in the birthing process. On many occasions I was able to match her with moms who really needed what she had to offer. I came to know Paula on a personal basis and always found her to be a dedicated and caring person who would put her own needs aside for anyone who needed help."

Michelle H. Lounsbury, RN. BSN, CPCE, IBCLC
Coordinator University Hospitals Doula Program,
Special Deliveries

"Paula has a special gift in her ability to use Reiki. Through her work she has reduced patient anxiety and discomfort, helped people to cope with their illness and to graciously accept their death. Many people have been grateful for Paula's ministry. She has exercised maturity in the use of this gift. She gives God the credit for any healing that takes place. At the same time she respects the boundaries of standard Western medical practice. I have been impressed with Paula's understanding of what it means to be a professional. She understands the need for patient confidentiality, respects the unique needs of patients, is nonjudgemental, gracious in her encounters and creates an environment in which patients feel safe with her."

Rev. James Brandis STM, BCC

"On September 3, 2003, Paula Baker gave a presentation at a local Wellness Center. Paula came to discuss and demonstrate the process of the Activation of our DNA. During her presentation, Paula did, for the whole group in attendance, a 12-strand DNA Activation. Although she used other techniques on a few participants who had volunteered, I took part only in the Activation process in the group setting. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of a dog barking. The significance of that experience is that I have not been able to recognize the bark of a dog for a year and a half since I suffered some 'non-repairable' damage to my hearing!"

Boneita Perskari
Ashtabula Ohio

"I watched Paula as she cared for my very ill and dying husband. He suffered from the pain of metastatic cancer. Through her faith, caring, compassion and Reiki, Paula was able to help my husband find peace and comfort when no one else could. I will always be grateful to Paula for everything she did for my husband, and for the love and support she gave to me and our daughters at this most difficult time in our lives."

Adele Bean
Windsor, Ohio

"Paula was the Doula at the birth of our son. Even before his birth, my wife had many physical and emotional problems. Paula performed several reiki/relaxation treatments to help my wife prepare for the birth. I honestly don't think we could have made it through that night without Paula. Her services are unmatched. I can't say enough about our caring and wonderful Doula. She is a hero in our book!"

Clifton and Sherry Dobbs

"Paula acted as our Doula for the birth of our son. A very kind, outgoing person, she put both my husband and me at ease about the whole birthing process. Paula's presence at the birth was very reassuring. She used Reiki and aromatherapy oils which I found very calming. She kept us informed of everything that was happening in addition to offering support and encouragement. Paula has the ability to know when to help and when to step back and allow us time to be together. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience and with Paula."

Alyce and Manus McCaffery

"As a Respiratory Therapist employed by a local hospital, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the power of Paula's healing energy. I met Paula while treating a patient that had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, (COPD). The patient had requested Paula's services and asked for her to administer Reiki. As she prayed, I actually could feel a positive energy force fill the room. Something very special was occurring. A sense of calm and peacefulness embraced the patient and his respirations became much less rapid.

I have never forgotten this encounter and the awesome presence of that energy. Paula truly has an ability to replace fear with love."

John McKeever, RT

"I have been sending my patients to Paula Baker for Reiki treatments for many years. They have had a wonderful response due to her compassion, caring and ability to heal. Paula is a true physician without a medical degree. She is a caring mother, loving wife, a healer and a true friend to my patients. I support Paula and her healing ministry without reservation."

Michael J. Kellis, D.O., FAOASM

"Paula attended my Birth Doula Workshop in February of 2001. Upon meeting her that first time, I was struck with the feeling that she was a very special and unique person. As I have grown to know her better over the years, that thought is continually reinforced. Paula has a quiet peace about her, a gentle spirit, and a loving heart. I know that Paula sincerely desires to be the best that she can be so that she can offer the very best of herself to everyone... family, friends, colleagues and clients. I sincerely admire Paula."

Sunday Tortelli, CCE, CD, HBCE

"As a Certified Nurse Midwife, I had the opportunity to work with Paula Baker when she served as a doula at the birth of one of my patients. This particular Mom had a lot of emotional baggage coming into labor and did a lot of grieving in the process. We couldn't have done this without Paula."

Charlotte Frires, CNM
Cleveland Clinic

"While serving as the Director of Pastoral Care at a local hospital, I had the opportunity to supervise Paula's work as she visited patients. Paula is a deeply faithful person, sensitive and compassionate. Her spiritual assessments of patients were insightful and her delivery of care in the form of presence, prayer and Reiki treatments was exquisite. Paula's love of God and people and her enthusiasm for God's mystery and power are at the center of her life. She tends carefully the gifts she has received and tends with equal care and conscientiousness the people (patients and colleagues) she encounters on her way."

Rev. Sally Wile, Associate Minister
Plymouth Church UCC
Shaker Heights, OH

"In January of 2004 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer. A few weeks later, my sister called to tell me that she had seen an article in the newspaper about Paula Baker's work. The article mentioned that Paula would be speaking at a library about how we can heal ourselves. My sister, a mutual friend of ours and I decided to attend the presentation. On the way, we stopped at a restaurant and soon realized that we were in the wrong town. As we were leaving, I turned and looked at the wall, noticing a sign which said "BELIEVE"!

We finally got to the library and listened to Paula speak. Afterwards, as I was walking out of the library, my friend said that she saw a 'light' above my head. A week later, I went to see Paula at her home for a healing session. I had been told by the doctor that they planned to do 15 rounds of chemo. After only two treatments, the tumor was completely gone. I have had follow up biopsies which continue to be negative. So thanks to Paula and a lot of Praying, I am CANCER FREE!

If anyone would like to write to me you can contact me at:

Sherry K.
P.O. Box 494
Geneva, Ohio 44041

Or you may call me at


Paula, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the Reiki treatments I received from you. Before my first treatment we both know I was not doing well physically. The overall positive change in my health has been dramatic. Thru your guidance I have come to understand my faith, and God's healing power. I'm glad that we have worked together. Your kind and caring way has helped me beyond words. I truly have come along way health wise, mentally and spiritually thanks to your treatments. I am looking forward to future Reiki treatments from you. Sincerely, Bob Capuano