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  2007 Paula Baker

Certified Natural Health Professionals

Certified Natural Health Professionals As many individuals seek to take proactive responsibility for their health, there is a growing need for qualified natural health professionals with the skills and knowledge to help others build and maintain healthy lifestyles. The Certified Natural Health Professional is one who has completed instruction and certification in the field of natural health practices. By attending a series of five Certified Natural Health Professionals Institute seminars, one may learn the techniques necessary to promote balanced living and the prevention of disease.

Required Seminars

Nutrition:  This class discusses the various theories and basic elements of good nutrition. Students learn the importance of diet, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal supplementation.

Body Systems:  Emphasizes the practical aspects of maintaining homeostasis in the body and maximizing health. This class deals with the organs, glands, tissues and structures of the body. Special note is made of the function and interrelationship of the various organs.

Body Work:  Focuses on enhancing the proper relationship between function and structure. Students observe demonstrations which utilize the least invasive methods to normalize weakened body structure in an effort to strengthen diminished body functions.

Iridology:  Enlisting the latest European Iridology methods, as well as the traditional Jensonian American Iridology method, this class focuses on the practical application of Iris analysis and interpretation. Students learn how to incorporate their knowledge of nutrition and body systems in an effort to address health weaknesses revealed through the eyes.

Practicum:  This class deals with professionalism and the practical aspects of helping others. Emphasis is given to a study of the ethical and legal aspects of the natural health field as well as techniques of enhancing the practitioner-client relationship. The interdependence of body, mind and spirit in maintaining health is demonstrated in this class.

Paula has completed all of the required courses and has received the designation of Certified Natural Health Professional. For more information about CNHP, visit their website: