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© 2007 Paula Baker


Morning Prayer of Gratitude Before
Opening My Eyes to the Outer World


Thank you Creator for this day , for my life... and for the blessings in my life.

I AM open to continued blessings of abundance and prosperity in all areas of life, including perfect health of body, mind and spirit.

I release all energy that no longer serves my greater good from my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, in every state of vibration in which I exist, to be transformed into the energy of pure love and returned back to me.

I AM grateful for the reminder to wring out my sponge each day, to keep an empty heart and mind in order to create continuous room for joy and gratitude.

I AM grateful for drawing into my life the perfect people and circumstances for the growth of my soul.

I AM grateful for the knowledge that comes my way and for all the teachers who tap my consciousness.

I AM grateful for those who have come before me and for the way that has been paved by their blood, sweat and tears.

I AM grateful for the wisdom gathered and remembered from my experiences.

I AM grateful for the freedom with which my soul travels all planes of existence.

I AM grateful for two special gifts that make my heart sing, spontaneity and synchronicity.

I AM grateful to walk in a conscious way, my intent to make each step a step-for-peace, each step a walking prayer.

Help me to walk in balance and beauty as I take the blessings of my life into the world to share with others.

I AM grateful for the reminder that all beings are both teacher and student, including me. Help me to be equally comfortable in both of these roles.

Help me to not be a burden to the world in any way, to do no harm to any living being, including those who know me best, my family and friends.

Help me to accept responsibility to the web of life for all knowledge that makes its way into my consciousness today.

Help me to remember to pack for the journey into consciousness today the gift of love through understanding and respect of myself and others.

Let me show the faces of compassion, joy and purity of intent to all who cross my path.

I AM grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the world through the energy of pure love.

I AM grateful for knowing the sacredness of all life, for the beauty and teachings of nature, for remembering that everything is connected in this web of life.

Help me to be a skilled weaver, to keep my strand in the web healthy and strong.

by Sharon Pacione
April 12, 2005

Food for Thought ...Love, Paula