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Hidden Sources of MSG

I am one of those people who absolutely cannot tolerate MSG. I get severe heart palpitations, numbness, faintness, all sorts of things. This is a good list of not only foods which commonly contain MSG but more importantly, the other names for it. You might read a label looking for monosodium glutamate and not see it, thinking, Oh good, no MSG, but it goes by many other names. It has been linked to asthma and other conditions. After taking all of the naturopathic classes I have learned so much about what is in food. My rule of thumb is If God didn't make it, don't eat it. One should add "if God didn't prepare it, don't eat it"!!! Meaning he may have made a green bean but if it is canned or frozen, it has MSG so buy them fresh and steam them. I make my own salad dressing out of olive oil and vinegar because it is the only way to have it without MSG.

Anyway, FYI...... Hidden Sources of MSG

I printed this out and carry it in my purse to refer to it when reading labels as it is difficult to remember all of the names they trick you with. Also, I eat only organic meat and dairy. After 9 years of working with cancer clients, I have learned that the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and various other poisons injected into our food are the main reason cancer is at epidemic levels. I spoke with the owner of a meat packing company where they grow their own cattle for the purpose of selling to consumers. She told me that because they are a small company they have time to 'cut out the tumors in their meat'. That about gagged me. She said that stores do not do this and we actually eat the tumors along with the rest of the meat, especially in ground meat. Yum! Denny and I can't afford to eat meat every day, nor should we, so we eat it 2-3 times a week but it is actually safe and health and tastes great! Same with eggs and dairy...organic only.

Healthy eating and love to you all,

Food for Thought ...Love, Paula